Get ready for a stormy mix of talks from experienced FinTech leaders who are taking bold steps in technology practices and beyond.



  • Sebastian Galonska

    Sebastian Galonska

    CTO Kontist

    Sebastian's started coding at the age of 9. Since then he's worked and managed teams in the social space - where he built the framework for Germany's largest social network. In 2012 he stumbled into the FinTech space and stuck with it ever since. Since 2015 CTO and Co-Founder of Kontist.

  • Ben Johnson

    Andreas Schranzhofer

    CTO Scalable Capital

    Andreas has managed mobile platforms within banking and e-commerce for the last 5 years. As Head of Mobile Engineering for GetYourGuide in Zurich and Berlin. Previously built Avaloq Evolution AG in Zurich, the leading core banking provider in Switzerland.

  • Ben Johnson

    Ben Jones

    CTO Bitwala

    Benjamin Jones is a self-taught programer with over 5 years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. A London School of Economics graduate, Ben previously taught programming in Ghana, founded a several startups, and was an economist in the UK civil service.

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    Peter Grosskopf

    CTO at Börse Stuttgart Digital Exchange

     Before Peter was CTO and Co-Founder at solarisBank. In 2008 Peter founded a software engineering consultancy out of university, grew it profitably to 27 employees and sold it. 2014 Peter joined the company builder Hitfoxgroup and Finleap that focuses on fintech as CTO. Now he is shaping the vision to bring decentralised banking to reality.

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    Chris Plantener

    Serial FinTech Founder

    True entrepreneur at heart, Chris loves building new ventures. He founded several FinTech startups and loves sharing knowledge and advice to the new starters.Debitoor, E-conomic and Kontist are some of his Venture experience.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Stan Reimgen


    Stan is FinTech UX Expert, Entrepreneur and Founder of Big: A Design Studio for Sustainability and Social Innovation. In the past he designed products for companies such as Zalando, Tomorrow Bank and Commerzbank.

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    Mo Moubarak

    Founder & CDO at Moberries

    Mo has founded several startups and is an expert in building high-end sales pipelines (SAP, Emirates Airlines etc.) in SaaS platform businesses. 

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    Mathias Domschke

    CPO Kontist

    In the last 13 years, Mathias have managed several low- latency FinTech products in Banking and Lending industry. He is passionate about innovative squad team architecture and has unique touch for product design.

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    Melchior Neumann

    CEO Pergenz

    CEO and Founder of Pergenz and FinTech Community Building evangelist. He is an idea architect behind peer-to-peer factoring based on Open Banking API.

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    Sebastien Jeanquier

    CSO Upvest

    Hugely passionate about information security, and with 10+ years of IT and security experience, I aim to bring a unique insight into security best practices across all different levels of an organisation.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Ryan Scoville

    Director Of Technology at Kreditech

    Kreditech Group’s mission is to improve financial freedom for the underbanked with the use of technology. Combining non-traditional data sources and machine learning, the company is aiming to provide access to better credit and a higher convenience for digital banking services.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Sergiej Rewiakin Soft

    VP Engineering Kontist

    Entreprenur and FinTech Professional with several succesfully foundet startups. More than 10 years executive experience in Engineering, Blockchain and Agile Software Development. 

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    Delia D. König

    MD SolarisBank 

    Product enthusiast.
    At solarisBank, Delia manages and oversees the business unit that has built a platform comprising cutting-edge customer identification solutions for fintech, banks and other digital companies looking to offer a smooth onboarding process for their customers. 

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Holger Grünwald

    MD at NeuGelb 

    Holger is the MD and creation lead of Neugelb Studios by Commerzbank. He runs business innovation and FinTech product development. In the past he was involved building digital products for Deutsche Bank, Postbank and other major companies.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Serge Reit

    Deutsche Bank Head of Data Architecture 

    Data Expert and Hands-on Digital Transformation Pioneer. He managed transformation of several DAX companies. Developed Digital Business Model for Swiss VC Group. Serge has been honoured by German Chancellor Angela Merkel for his engagement in startup mentorship and digital innovation.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Sepehrdad Shanbedi

    Security Expert 

    Security Lead at Kontist and Nullsecurity Team. Member and BlackArch Linux Core Developer.
    Security Expert and HPC Enthusiast.
    Passionate about Security and HPC.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Gleb Galkin

    Software Engineer JUMO.World 

    Over 11+ software engineering experience: TypeScript, Kotlin, GraphQl. Founded 2 startups. Strongly passionate about JavaScript Community. Core contributor in in several Open Source projects. He pledge to create comprehensive, explicit software architecture that solves real people needs.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Sergio Martins Pereira

    CTO Coindex

    Sergio is CTO and Co-Founder of the intelligent cryptocurrency portfolio manager coindex®. He is a successful tech entrepreneur with focus on serverless microservices, blockchain, deep learning, dev-ops and finance.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Hanes Linke

    BI at Looker

    Before joining Looker, Hannes was closely working with Start Ups in the DACH market as part of the LinkedIn Growth Market Team and has gathered experiences on how to successfully scale business, working for international companies going into Germany.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Sara Brodin

    CTO @ VAI Trade

    Sara is CTO of a young FinTech startup in the middle of Berlin. After starting her career in embedded systems she took the leap towards the cloud and never looked back. She enjoys building large systems that can be maintained by few people.

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    Henning Wagner

    CTO at Finexity

    Started on dads computer at the age of 6, coding first "hello world" and calculators (and playing video games, of course). Breathing everything IT since, always on the lookout for cutting-edge tech.
    Got into the startup game a couple of years ago and never looked back, enjoying the rollercoaster ride 

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    James Baker

    Core Banking Engineer @ SolarisBank

    Ever since university James has been living and breathing FinTech. Having worked on financial systems for the likes of Visa and solarisBank, he aims to one day understand every 1 and 0 that flows through this vast global network we call "banking"

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    Sebastian Schäffer

    Security Evangelist @ Alice&Bob

    Innovative and self-conscious technology enthusiast driven by innovation and curiosity. Never stops learning, never stops exploring; always a student. Started my professional journey in innovation consulting, switched more and more to sales department and now I do what I love: Bringing visionary topics to the present, always with a focus on data security.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Artem Demchenkov

    CTO @ Billie

    FinTech Veteran, CTO & startup founder, team leader, and architect with the professional experience in different IT areas: fintech, social networks, media, games and analytical systems.
    I have an advanced knowledge in FinTech areas and looking to build and develop innovative financial products beyond APIs.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    John Dixon

    AWS Solution Architect

    John is a Solutions Architect at AWS, based in Munich. Formerly based in Detroit, Michigan, he has had roles with global automotive and software companies where system reliability was paramount. Today, John focuses on financial services clients in EMEA. When not working with serverless, IoT, and other things AWS, he is an avid (sometimes adventure) motorcyclist.

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    Daniel Norman

    Developer Advocate @ Prisma

    Daniel is a software engineer with broad experience across modern web and cloud environments. He's passionate about open source and modern development tooling and likes bringing ideas from different disciplines to software development. These days, Daniel is a developer advocate at Prisma, focusing on next-generation database access for Node.js and Typescript.

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    Mislav Ilich

    Senior Software Engineer Upvest

    Ex-entrepreneur from Australia with experience implementing real blockchain solutions in finance, medicine and logistics technology sectors. Now in Berlin working at Upvest helping design and launch the financial technology infrastructure of tomorrow. Passionate about new tools and technologies, product development and sharing knowledge.