About Konto

Germany's first Engineering-centric conference focused on innovation in FinTech.We try to build a speaker line up to cover actual and relevant Engineering and Product issue that most of the industry player experience.The highlight of the event is panel session with Industry most knows fintech: Scalable Capital, Bitwala, Kontist, Billie etc.Let's unite around Konto!


Why Konto.io

Since the very first banking operations in ancient Italy Konto or Account was magically linked with balance and a state of well being. Since then every financial operation starts and ends with your Konto. Technology innovation in FinTech should serve the business to make user's lives easier, safer and smarter. That is why we decided to name our Engineering Innovation Event Konto.io
During the conference, you'll be able to learn from those thriving in the industry and acquire resources and knowledge to become better in your craft.


Who Will Attend?

- Big-thinking Developers and Product Innovators looking for inspiration and community around FinTech- Leaders from large organizations, banks, and startups- Consultants and agencies looking for new ways and ideas on how to help their clients thrive- FinTech HR specialists who think people are at the heart of the business- Sustainability-driven innovators balancing profits- Students, interns, and beginners building perspective business careers- 500 passionate people who are committed to creating an impressive impact

Why You Should Visit Konto.io

  • Inspiration

    Our speakers will inspire you with mind-blowing ideas supported by real-world examples and their success stories. 

  • Challenge

    Experience unexpected emotions, learn more about alternative perspectives and discover potentially controversial ideas. 

  • Community

    Become part of the warm, respectful and intelligent community of entrepreneurs and innovators. 

  • Encouragement

    It is possible to create a better business world. In fact, Konto.io speakers are already working on that task.